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Introduction to MamakSpot

Watch the demo video here

What is MamakSpot ?
A wifi controller. You can control your wifi users using a web based management system.

Features ? You can control the users by
1.by maximum usage hours
2.by expire date
3.by upload/download speed in kbps

How many versions of MamakSpot ?
1. MamakSpot Prepaid Edition
2. MamakSpot Manage Edition

MamakSpot Prepaid Edition ?
MamakSpot prepaid is targeted to people who wants to run prepaid business using Wifi. Admin can create X numbers of prepaid and registered or public users can buy the prepaid for their internet usage.

Mamakspot Manage Edition ?
This is fork from version 1 of MamakSpot. User must be registered first. Admin the, can select which user have the rights to surf the net. Admin simply enable particular user with some credentials like
1. upload/bandwith speed
2. Expiry date
Admin can check every connected user internet history like :
1. When he/she online
2. Number of hours online by day,month,year
3. Total bandwidth downloaded/uploaded
4. Sites visited
Who are the developer for MamakSpot ?
Currently, I'm the only one doing the RnD. From understanding how Radius server works to Web Management Interface. I can be contacted at 014.6412.911 ( Malaysia ) or by email at azril.nazli@gmail.com

Mamakspot V1 is free ( http://code.google.com/p/mamakspot/ )

Friday, February 29, 2008

Using hotspotlogin.php as UAM

Default login interface. Can be changed later

After logged in, there is a popup


1.user connected to my wifispot
2. user typed some url
3. captive portal catched the page and present the login form
4. user enter username and password
5. captive portal authenticated the user and popup a window
6. in popup window, shows basic info like logout and remaining time

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Streaming astro audio/video over wireless

TV,Streaming Server ( win xp pro 2Gb ram ), Astro decoder, capture card ( mediaforte )

Laptop connect via HOTSPOT WDS wireless and receive the streaming data uisng MMS

1024mbps streaming over wireless LAN

Windows Expression encoder using input from mediaforte Capture Card streaming video and audio ( 898kbps / 128kbps )

Video output using MMS.

Using mms:// as trigger for TV streaming via Media Player. I can share stream the video to connected wifi user even they haven't logged in yet. service like this will attract users to use your private wifi. currently I'm streaming directly from my Astro decoder

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Netstumbler WDS graph

Hotspot AP1 ( upstair )

Hotspot AP2 ( Downstair )

Experiment : WDS Single SSID

Did some test today. Using 2 APs, the wired AP located upstair and the 1st WDS HOP AP located downstair.

1. Both using same channel
2. Both using same SSID ....'HOTSPOT'
3. Using my laptop, when I search for wireless, I can only see 1 SSID. And my laptop will be connected to the nearest AP.

WDS : Single HOp, Multiple HOP, Star design

Currently I have 2 Linksys WRT54GL and my bro have 1 3Com WRT which support WDS. Well I'm yet to test with 3com WRT. But this tutorial is great fro those who want to max out thier WDS experience

Read the tutorial here.

PHP UAM authenticator

Until yesterday, bot server 1 and server 2 is using CGI script to authenticate the users. Now I'm sporting new authenticator, hotspotlogin.php.

Yes using PHP and I'll post the code later. Just change the HS_UAMSERVICE to and the script will do lots of amazing things.

Now when user log into my system, the script will popup a window and if the user close the windows, thier internet connection automatically will disconnected.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wifi Pay Terminal

IEEE 802.11g wireless LAN
IP Plug & Play
NAT (RFC 1631)
SMTP Server Redirect
DHCP Server
Static IP/DHCP Client/PPPoE/PPTP WAN Client
SSL User Login page
Usage time lapse windows for user
VPN Pass Through(IPSec/PPTP/L2TP)
Layer 2 Isolation Security
Web-Based Configuration
Concurrent 100 Users at the same time

Coool, I can put this device anywhere and money keep coming even I'm sleeping. More info : http://www.tongya.com.tw/english/2_0_list2.php?c_id=4&p_id=4

PHP in MamakSpot

This project demonstrates that using PHP , we can control applications that running in background.
Examples :
1. I'm using PHP to talk with chilli_query with sudo permission. With this, I can view and disconnect online users.

2. There is PHP radius support ( http://my2.php.net/radius ), but yet to explore the functions

3. Using MySQL database, I can control Radius users.

4. Using PHP-CGI running in background ( cron job / bash script ) enable me to run lots of maintenance issues.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tutorial membuat Hotspot Sendiri

Orang kata kalau kita share ilmu di dada, pahala yang dapat multiply :)

So mungkin satu hari nanti saya akan share bagaimana nak buat MamakSpot.

Tapi basic knowledge yang nak kena ada :

- Linux system administration ( kenala tau macam mana nak set network,install guna RPM, compile guna source code )
- Radius server ( kena tau bagaimana nak guna radius. Dapat bezakan apa itu 'files' dan 'sql' )
- MySQL server ( kena tau basic operation createdb,insert,update,delete )
- Apache ( just basic knowledge aja, run/stop service. Tau macam mana nak integrate openssl )
- PHP dan HTML ( PHP scripting pakai tangan, bukan cilok script, HTML untuk basic operation macam table..dah itu aja )
- Wireless router ( yang nih wajib tau. Macam mana nak bagi DHCP,offkan DHCP,tau nak flash )
- Captive Portal ( kalau tak tau apa fungsi captive portal, pi baca kat wikipedia )

Bahasa yang digunakan mungkin Bahasa melayu + english. Jadi tunggulah time bila saya ada masa. Skrg tengah busy nak fahamkan API drupal ( http://www.drupal.org )

Kalau nak cara Hotspot paling mudah, guna PFSENSE. tutorial dalam BM ada di sini

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Berapa ramai user kah yang boleh ditanggung oleh 1 AP ?

Katakan DHCP boleh lease sehingga 250 ip, rasa-rasa boleh tanggung ke 1 AP wireless dengan load sebanyak 250 users ?

Katakan kita running 1AP tanpa QOS dan semua orang mula download torrent, IM,layan youtube, mau pancit router kita nak serve semua user.

Jadi kebanyakkan installer Hotspot hanya menganggarkan 1AP hanya boleh tanggung 30 sahaja maksima, jadi baik kita setkan DHCP lease setakat 30 sahaja.

Bagaimana nak kurangkan load gateway server jika anda hosting 10-20 AP ? Katakan 1 node anda hosting 10 AP dan terus ke router modem streamyx, apa kata sebelum sampai router streamyx itu, buat satu server linux running Squid Proxy dalam mode bridging. Fungsi Squid ialah untuk mengurangkan bandwidth keluar. Jadi jika ada 10 user membuka website yang sama, 90% content akan diguna semula jadi anda telah save banyak bandwidth.

Radius attribute


In case you want to build your own Hotspot management system, understand those attributes

PHP : Introducing Prepaid & Flat Rate plan

Prepaid Plan interface

Flatrate interface


5 hours of programming. Playing around with WISPr-Session-Terminate-Time attribute in FreeRadius. Basically it will block the user from entering after thier time was expired.

Relocate Server1 to Bangi

Server 2 with Sony laptop as client via wired cable

2 network interfaces.The top one is LAN and the below nic is WAN

Radius server successfully configured and ready to serve

Old PC internals. Running Linux Centos

Time to do real time tests with real users. I've moved server 1 Linux box and 2 APS to my bro's computer shop at Bangi.

I have 1 more PC to spare then. I've downloaded Centos ISOs from thier website and choose server installation mode.

Downloaded Chilli Coova,Free Radius and compiled then from source. Then configure Coova Chilli to talk with Free Radius,configure Free Radius to talk with MySQL and install MamakSpot software on www root.

Took nearly 6 hours just for that.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

PHP; Code rewrite

The current Mamak Spot php code just to demonstrate what PHP can do. So I'm thinking doing code rewrite.

To do list
- admin to display type of subscribers ( prepaid,postpaid,time block,bandwidth block )
- user will have their own management page to change password, status, remaining prepaid etc.
- system will be able to have 3 tiers of users ( superuser,operator,subscriber )
- php cron job to kick user based on time block limit and bandwidth limit

Wifi outdoor enclosure

A friend of mine just gave me this great link


Updates on my project
I've relocated my Mamakspot servers,AP,switches to my bro in law computer shop located at Bangi. WDS works great there, the signal still giving me 70-80% at 30 meters away. Well when we close the shop using military grade ,bomb proof and all weather gate, the signal was dropped while connecting from nearby Petronas.
Good things are, nearby tenants already asking for test account due to excellent signal stregth ( row 2 and 3 and nearby shops )

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wifi Monitoring : Netstumbler


Well I'm going to test this tool soon. Wait for my test result.

Solar Powered Wifi AP

Nice ehh ? I'm thinking to contact Mr Zul ( Electronics Master in Malaysia ) whether he can supply the solar panel at lower cost compared to Farnell solution.

WDS : The result page

Uisng Xirrus for benchmark, the WDS connecting each other status is visible on DD-WRT connection status. And my laptop connection status displayed there too.

WDS status on AP1 DDWRT

WDS Status on AP2

I'm using 2 AP for WDS mode, and the 3rd Linksys is coming soon.

Wireless Distribution System

I've received my 2nd Linksys WRT54GL today after days of waiting. This baby is hot cakes. You can't find any at Lowyat Plaza anymore. Took 10 minutes to upgrade the firmware to DD-WRT V23sp2 Standard edition. The goal of this project is to repeat the wireless signal from primary AP. My network setup is like this

AP2 -> AP1 -> ETH1 ( linux ) -> ETH0( linux) -> Router Modem -> Streamyx

DHCP is suuplied by my Linux server
Authentication for Hotspot done by linux server
AP1 is wired directly to ETH1 nic interface
AP2 get the resource from AP1 wirelessly using WDS
My wireless cloud is doubled after this project was done.

My Sony Laptop running MS Vista connecting from downstair. All the APs and the server is located upstair.

This is AP2, look only power supply and no wired LAN. This baby get the resource wirelessly from AP1

My bro in law war machine. Yes he's an avid gamer. Connected wirelessly to either AP1 and Ap2.

This is my datacenter. The tower on the left is Pentium 3 with 256mb ram running Fedora Linux. The black tower is my gaming PC, just for my World of Warcraft gaming experience. The ADSL modem on top of the black box is connected to ETH0 in white box.ETH1 wired to AP1 via the grey cable.

This is my primary AP, Located at the main room infront of the house.You can see the wired LAN connected to the AP.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This project is hot !

Not to boost myself, but I've received several enquiries from both investors and tech junkie for past few days. Well this is a good start and off course will motivate me to put more dedication on this little project.

The PHP code is quite stable at the moment. Still waiting for my friend to provide me HTML design for
- login page
- capture page
- status page
- admin page

Well my friend is too busy with his Counter Strike game, and that will take more time.

Some ideas on this project. Where the money will come from ? Yes I like to talk about money and how to divert people's money into our pocket. The problem is my writing in English not quite good, so I'll continue in Malay.

Idea idea idea, memang best fikir macam mana nak majukan sesuatu. Jasi saya mula terfikir. Jika saya mempunyai banyak Wifi nodes yang telah di pasang, income dari subscribers dah memang masuk, jadi bagaimana nak improve income ?

Guna SMS sebagai matawang
Cuba fikir, majoriti pengguna mesti ada hand phone betul tak ? Dan dalam handphone ada kredit masa bual. Jadi saya mula terfikir. Jika si polan ini jumpa Wifi signal Mamak Spot dan nak menggunakan sistem ini dengan cepat. Saya akan create satu mekanisme di mana Si Polan tersebut boleh menghantar SMS ke nombor XXXX. Sms server saya pula akan terima permintaan Si Polan dan sistem backend MamakSpot akan berinteraksi dengan SMS server dan menghantar username/password kepada si Polan dan kredit masa bual akan ditolak ke akaun saya dan menghasilkan profit. Macam beli ringtone. Si Polan akan menerima username & password untuk 2 jam online prepaid untuk gunakan Mamak Spot. Jika saya dapat secure 100 orang yang macam Si Polam, cuba fikirkan income yang saya perolehi.

Gunakan Capture Page & Login page
Pernah dengar Google Adsense ? Anda boleh letak kod adsense di login page dan splash page. Splash page boleh di set untuk keluar setiap 10 minit. Atau jika anda tinggal di kawasan apartment yang padat penduduknya, anda dah boleh start medium pengiklanan sendiri. Biasanya letakla iklan rumah sewa di page-page tersebut. Jika anda mempunyai kemahiran untuk repair pc, pun anda boleh gunakan peluang ini.1 pc kos repair islah rata-rata RM50. Anda hanya perlu secure 10 pelanggan sebulan dan extra RM500.

Jual Bandwidth
Saya bercadang untuk menambah satu feature di mana pemilik MamakSpot ini boleh menjual bandwidth kepada operator dan terpulang la kepada operator nak jual bandwidth kepada user mereka. Contohnya yg empunya sistem ini telah melantik 5 operator dan setiap operator diberi maximum bandwidth 100GB. Kalau bandwidth dah habis, operator kenalaa bayar kat empunya untuk tambah bandwidth lagi atau mereka tidak boleh masuk ke panel pengendali. Woo cakap senang,programmer hanya saya sorang, tapi idea yang mungkin saya jadikan kenyataan.

Oklaaa dah penat, saya perlu main World Of Warcraft MMO, dikatakan puak-puak Alliance di server Nagrand sedang mara untuk meruntuhkan kota keriangan Ogrimmar. Berjuang !

Bridge 2 or more APs

Bridging is one of the main feature needed to establish a Hotspot. There are conventional ways to extend your HotSpot AP.

Set Ap as bridge mode, disable DHCP, static IP and wired to switch/hub. Well this is oldschool and time consuming.

The new way of doing it is by wireless bridge. WET mode,WDS or Adhoc. Pick your style.

I'm still waiting fro my 2nd Linksys WRT54GL box for my WDS research.


Wifi Monitoring using Xirrus

I'm using Xirrus gadget downloaded from http://www.xirrus.com/

Pictured in the screenshot is my 1 year old Tauren Hunter
1 year playing WoW MMO :
60k PVP kills..yup I killed 60,000 alliances kids/n00b
Conqueror title ( Exalted with WSG,AB and AV )
3/5 Vengeful Glad 2/5 Merciless Glad
11.k HP 6k Mana
Beast Mastery Spec ( eat Mages for breakfast, warlock for lunch and shaman for dinner )
Tuned for PVP, PVE is for sissies
Halaa Battle mount


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Radius Simultaneous-Use := 1

What if you want to limit your HotSpot account can be only accessed by 1 user at a time and no simultaneous login using the same login.

Well Radius does it all, use Simultaneous-Use := 1 in your radcheck

SAMPLE for a 1 day user created on the 30/01/2008 at 09:50:31, i allow for 2 hours extra on any signup as a period of grace. from RADCHECK table in Radius......

249 cetrab14 User-Password := mazreha
250 cetrab14 Simultaneous-Use := 1
251 cetrab14 WISPr-Session-Terminate-Time := 2008-01-31T9:50:31+02:00
252 cetrab14 WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up := 262144
253 cetrab14 WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down := 2621440

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jual wifi di kawasan apartment.

Time to write blog in my mother tongue, Malay

Ini adalah senario jika Mamak Spot digunakan di kawasan apartment. Saya akan memilih rumah yang terletak di tengah-tengah blok dan di tingkat paling tinggi. Jika saya membuka tingkap belakang akan nampak blok lain dan bila tengok depan pun nampak blok lain. Tengok bawah pun nampak banyak rumah-rumah lain.

Saya akan melanggan streamyx 1MB sahaja dahulu. Jadi kos souyrce broadband dalam RM88 + RM25.

Hardware yang saya perlukan pula ialah :
1.Intel PC dengan 2 NICs (
PC secondhand RM300-400 dan tambah 2 network card . Network card 1 untuk sambungan ke internet dan network card 2 untuk sambungan ke pelanggan.

2. Wireless Router Linksys WRT54GL 1.1
Memang susah nak cari model GL, tapi kalau nak, contact saya ( azril.nazli@gmail.com ) RM250. Saya gunakan model ini sebab ia menggunakan OS Linux sebagai enjin dan saya akan gunakan firmware paling popular, DD-WRT untuk gantikan firmware default. 1 unit berharga RM250 untuk permulaan saya akan buat coverage di bahagian hadapan rumah sahaja.

3. 8 ports 100mb hub
Hub kecil sahaja untuk buat wired LAN dari server ke AP. Untuk permulaan guna 1 AP sahaja, jadi option hub ini boleh diabaikan.

Software yang diperlukan pula:
1. DD-WRT Firmware ( download free @ http://dd-wrt.com )
Saya gunakan software ini untuk kuatkan kekuatan signal antenna dan juga boleh view kekuatan signal wifi pengguna saya.

2. MySQL Database
Untuk interaksi dengan RADIUS server dan storan data pengguna.

3. PHP
Saya gunakan PHP untuk mencipta software pengurusan pengguna WIFI.

Enjin utama dalan konsep perniagaan wifi. Radius server bertanggungjawab untuk membuat AAA yakni Authentication,Authorization dan Accounting. Saya juga gunakan radius untuk membuat kiraan Online Timer ( jika user guna melebihi had katakan 2 jam, sistem akan tendang user in real time ) , kiraan bandwidth ( saya nak detect samaada user jenis suka layan p2p ) dan juga bandwidth speeed ( boleh jual pakej ikut speed macam 128k,512k,1024k)

Captive Portal Server. Server ini akan berinteraksi dengan Radius untuk mendapatkan bacaan, jika airtime user tekah tamat, server ini akan menghalang user dari terus akses ke internet. Server ini bertanggungjawab untuk membuat 'wallgarden'. Sebelum user langgan perkhidmatan kita, dia boleh akses ke URL yang ditetapkan untuk membuat ujian.

6. Linux Fedora
Saya gunakan Linux fedora sebagai sistem operasi utama.

Kesemua software yang tertera di atas adalah percuma. Jadi kos untuk software RM0.

Kos Hardware & software:
Server - RM500 ( 2 nic )
Streamyx - RM88
Sewa telefon - RM25
1 Linksys WRt54G - RM250
1 Hub 8 port - RM100
Software - RM0
Jumlah kos - RM963

Sila dapatkan bacaan eletrik setelah sebulan berniaga dan masukkan dalam kos perjalanan perniagaan.

Jadi kos anda ialah RM1000 ( anggaran ). Anda kena membuat sedikit survey. Jenis pekerjaaan penduduk samaada banyak student atau banyak pekerja swasta/awam. Jika anda duduk berhampiran dengan kolej atau universiti, amat mudah untuk mendapatkan ramai user.

Jadi bagaimana anda nak jalankan perniagaan ? Sistem Mamak Spot boleh dijalankan dalam 3 jenis mode perniagaan

1.Jual secara Airtime
Anda boleh menjual bandwidth anda menggunakan kosen Airtime dari serendah 1 jam hingga ke beberapa bulan. Katakan anda menjual ke Encik Ahmad selama 10 jam, Encik Ahmad akan mempunyai online timer selama 10 jam. Selepas 10 jam, sistem akan menghalang akses Encik Ahmad.

3. Jual ikut tempoh
Cara paling mudah, jual ikut bulan. Katakan anda setkan Encik Ahmad boleh login sehingga 31 Mac 2008, selepas itu Encik Ahmad tidak boleh akses.

4. Jual ikut bandwidth
Anda menjual bandwidth sebanyak 20GB kepada Encik Ahmad, jika Encik Ahmad telah habis gunakan bandwidth, sistem akan menghalang akses.

Di samping itu untuk pendapatan tambahan, anda boleh perkenalkan bandwidth speed contohnya:

Sistem Mamak Spot boleh menentukan kelajuan bandwidth ini. Konsep speed ini penting kerana jika anda mempunyai 1024mbps source internet, kenalah pandai bahagi-bahagikan bandwidth. Konsep ini juga paling sesuai untuk menghalang P2P user menghabiskan bandwidth anda.

Kos adalah Rm1000 jadi saya teklah menentukan untuk menjual bandwidth secara tempoh. 1 bulan saya akan charge RM20 seorang dan dengan kelajuan 256kbps secara default. Saya perlukan 10 pelanggan dahulu ( RM200 sebulan ) dan running selama 5 bulan untuk membayar balik modal .

Bagaimana untuk mengiklankan perkhidmatan saya ?

Jika ada user yang scan wireless network, dia akan jumpa SSID yang saya tentukan contohnya ' HotSpot - 0146412911'. Saya akan letakkan no telefon bimbit. Secara tak langsung, user tersebut akan menjadi pelanggan saya.

Guna Captive Portal
User yang connect ke HotSpot saya akan dihalang dari surf ke internet dan sebaliknya mereka akan dipaparkan servis Wifi yang saya jalankan dan pakej-pakej yang ada. Di samping itu saya akan iklankan perkhidmatan service PC atau juga perkhidmatan Apartment untuk di sewa. Jadi secara tak langsung, penggunaan Captive Portal adalah medium pengiklanan yang mudah.

Guna Flyer
Kedudukan peti surat di apartment atau kondo, adalah setempat. Jadi anda boleh menjalankan pengiklanan secara flyers dengan menghantar terus ke mailbox mereka.

Bergantung kepada keberkesanan pengiklanan anda, mungkin anda boleh secure 100 users dan jana RM2000 sebulan. DI kala itu anda perlulah upgrade streamyx anda ke 2Mb atau gunakan router yang support load balance seperti Xincom Twin Router. Dan anda juga perlukan banyak AP di letakkan di rumah anda.

Dan jika anda mahukan lebih cabaran, anda boleh konsep Wireless Mesh di seluruh komuniti anda dan seluruh kawasan itu akan diliputi oleh signal Wifi anda.

Banyak cara untuk buat wang, cuma rajin atau tidak.

Sekian terima kasih

Azril Nazli
Konsultan Pembinaan Laman Web,Rangkaian dan juga Pemberi Idea Niaga.

Video : How this software works in real time

I've made a video featuring this software. Feel free to view.

New manage.php : with image bar for airtime usage

Programming with PHP is fun. Now added image bar indicator for used airtime in manage.php

New manage,php with list of connected users

Did some cosmetic changes. Admin now can disconnect users by clicking thier MAC address column. Minor programming updates on functions.php to display online status correctly.

Linksys WRT54GL 1.1 flashed with DD-WRT

I'm using Linksys WRT54GL 1.1

1. Download the mini version for DD-WRT fro WRT54G

2. Reset router to factory setting

3. Using IE 6 and Sony Vaio Laptop with no other programs running

4. Upload the mini version of DD-WRT

5.Do not click continue, wait 5-10 minutes

6. DD-WRT now installed

7. Upload DD-WRT standard

8. Upgrade process around 5 minutes

9. DD-WRT Standard now installed.

Some updates

Online Status
manage.php online status now displaying more accurate data. Using shell_exec to call chilli_query list then use PHP to manipulate the data. It will show connected users ( wifi or wired ) with correct DHCP ip address and mac address.

Before this I'm using disconnect table in MySQL. I've created simple bash script and running it in screen background. Every 15 secs the script will check mysql disconnect table in radius db and if any macaddress inserted into there, will be disconnected using php-cgi running as root.

Now I'm using PHP to execute chilli_query logout $mac to kick out connected user using Sudo ( remember to comment the requiretty var in visudo )

To Do lists
1.Coupon system
2.Ajax PHP for displaying the usage bar
3.Max-Bandwidth counter in radius AAA

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Airtime Usage Indicator

Added airtime usage indicator bar at status page.

Mamak Spot ScreenShots

Administrator login page. Using session management for protection.

Throttled 1024kbps user. Uisng iperf to meaure bandwidth.

Throttled 56kbps user. uisng iperf to measure upload/download speed.

User can self register and choose the suitable plan.

If the user used all thier prepaid, the system will automatically logged out the user.

Administration manage users page. Showing connected users, bandwidth used by each user, online time and more.

Hotspot login page.

Logged user with status page

Monday, February 4, 2008

MamakSpot : Sistem HotSpot di restoran anda

Restoran mamak sentiasa menjadi tumpuan ramai, dan pertumbuhan yang pesat menyebabkan kebanjiran restoran mamak di pasaran. Jadi jika anda seorang pengusaha restoran mamak atau cafe dan inginkan kemudahan WiFi HotSpot di premis anda, sila teruskan pembacaan.

Apa kelebihan mempunyai Wifi Hotspot di premis anda ?

  1. Pelanggan akan menghabiskan masa lebih lama dan ini bermakna mereka akan memesan lebih makanan dan minuman.

  2. Pelanggan yang mempunyai Laptop wireless atau Handphone yang mempunyai Wifi akan datang ke premis anda berulang kali.

  3. Lokasi premis anda akan disebarkan ke ruang chat,forum,email oleh pelanggan anda secara tidak langsung semasa mereka menggunakan HotSpot.

  4. Sudah tentu premis anda mempunyai kelebihan berbanding premis lain.

Jika restoran pesaing berada bersebelahan, adakah pelanggan mereka melayari internet menggunakan HotSpot saya ?
Dengan menggunakan sistem Mamak Spot, anda boleh mengawal pengguna internet anda. Jika pelanggan anda ingin melayari internet, mereka perlu dapatkan katalaluan dari anda. Dan anda boleh putuskan connection setelah mereka beredar dari premis.

Bolehkan saya menjual masa online seperti menjual prepaid ?
Sistem kami membolehkan anda memberikan tempoh kepada pengguna anda dalam bilangan hari ( minima 1 hari ). Contohnya anda membuat akaun untuk Ahmad dengan 3 hari online dan anda akan menjualnya pada harga RM30.Pada hari ke 3, sistem akan menghalang Ahmad dari akses ke internet.

Apakah keperluan asas yang perlu saya ada ?
Perkhidmatan broadband
- TMNET Streamyx
- Jaring Broadband

Jika anda tiada perkhidmatan broadband, kami boleh uruskan pemasangan untuk anda. ( Streamyx sahaj )

Pakej yang terkandung dalam Mamak Spot ?
- 1 unit server yang mempunyai 2 network card dan cakera keras
- 1 unit Wireless Access Point ( Linksys WRT54G / Linksys WAP54G )
- Perisian MamakSpot
- Login page diubahsuai mengikut tema premis anda
- Latihan pengurusan
- Support percuma selama 1 bulan

Sila hubungi saya di :
Azril Nazli Alias
- 014 6412911
- azril.nazli@gmail.com