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Introduction to MamakSpot

Watch the demo video here

What is MamakSpot ?
A wifi controller. You can control your wifi users using a web based management system.

Features ? You can control the users by
1.by maximum usage hours
2.by expire date
3.by upload/download speed in kbps

How many versions of MamakSpot ?
1. MamakSpot Prepaid Edition
2. MamakSpot Manage Edition

MamakSpot Prepaid Edition ?
MamakSpot prepaid is targeted to people who wants to run prepaid business using Wifi. Admin can create X numbers of prepaid and registered or public users can buy the prepaid for their internet usage.

Mamakspot Manage Edition ?
This is fork from version 1 of MamakSpot. User must be registered first. Admin the, can select which user have the rights to surf the net. Admin simply enable particular user with some credentials like
1. upload/bandwith speed
2. Expiry date
Admin can check every connected user internet history like :
1. When he/she online
2. Number of hours online by day,month,year
3. Total bandwidth downloaded/uploaded
4. Sites visited
Who are the developer for MamakSpot ?
Currently, I'm the only one doing the RnD. From understanding how Radius server works to Web Management Interface. I can be contacted at 014.6412.911 ( Malaysia ) or by email at azril.nazli@gmail.com

Mamakspot V1 is free ( http://code.google.com/p/mamakspot/ )

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mamakspot 3 Screenshots

Captive Portal WYSWYG Editor

Location Map on Captive Portal

Captive Portal Editor

Response to your hotspot requests using live chat

The chatbox in the captive portal

Prepaid Editor

Prepaid Manager login page

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MamakSpot Version 3

I've started mamakspot version 3 development.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

cacti & TrafIP is up

cacti Report on bandwidth usage @ Wireless 1 AP

IPtables - PHP report on gateway bandwidth usage

Monday, November 17, 2008

Planned extra Features for V2

1. Reporting on successful login and logout

2. User request form
3. Admin disconnect online user
4. Ajax interval 10 secs to show overall download and upload in MB 5. Simple bandwidth graph

1. Reporting on successful login and logout
Have to create a table dedicated for logging successful logging and logout, so in the report it display like below logged in using xxxxx username at 10.20pm 12th December 2008 logged in using xxxxx username at 11.20pm 12th December 2008

2. User request form
Regiestered user can request XS Code by filling the form to the Admin, admin will be notified by email and will check request . A request is a discussion between admin and user. Have to use 2 tables until the request is marked done by the admin. Can use blog topic , blog commenst db structure.

3. Admin disconnect online user
Admin can disconnect particular user by putting Max-All-Session = 0 into user's radcheck table. The connected user will be disconnected after radius interval check.

4. Ajax interval 10 secs to show overall download and upload in MB
Admin can view the concurrent usage by number of up/down bandwidth used

5. Simple Bandwidth Graph
Using IPtraf script to generate bandwidth graph.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Online Users

I've written a module to show online users.

I know that my maximum idle for every users is 300secs or 5 minutes.
So I can check againts radius.acctstoptime field == null in SQL.

If use disconnected without logging out, radius will disconnect them after idling more than 5 minutes.