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Introduction to MamakSpot

Watch the demo video here

What is MamakSpot ?
A wifi controller. You can control your wifi users using a web based management system.

Features ? You can control the users by
1.by maximum usage hours
2.by expire date
3.by upload/download speed in kbps

How many versions of MamakSpot ?
1. MamakSpot Prepaid Edition
2. MamakSpot Manage Edition

MamakSpot Prepaid Edition ?
MamakSpot prepaid is targeted to people who wants to run prepaid business using Wifi. Admin can create X numbers of prepaid and registered or public users can buy the prepaid for their internet usage.

Mamakspot Manage Edition ?
This is fork from version 1 of MamakSpot. User must be registered first. Admin the, can select which user have the rights to surf the net. Admin simply enable particular user with some credentials like
1. upload/bandwith speed
2. Expiry date
Admin can check every connected user internet history like :
1. When he/she online
2. Number of hours online by day,month,year
3. Total bandwidth downloaded/uploaded
4. Sites visited
Who are the developer for MamakSpot ?
Currently, I'm the only one doing the RnD. From understanding how Radius server works to Web Management Interface. I can be contacted at 014.6412.911 ( Malaysia ) or by email at azril.nazli@gmail.com

Mamakspot V1 is free ( http://code.google.com/p/mamakspot/ )

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tutorial membuat Hotspot Sendiri

Orang kata kalau kita share ilmu di dada, pahala yang dapat multiply :)

So mungkin satu hari nanti saya akan share bagaimana nak buat MamakSpot.

Tapi basic knowledge yang nak kena ada :

- Linux system administration ( kenala tau macam mana nak set network,install guna RPM, compile guna source code )
- Radius server ( kena tau bagaimana nak guna radius. Dapat bezakan apa itu 'files' dan 'sql' )
- MySQL server ( kena tau basic operation createdb,insert,update,delete )
- Apache ( just basic knowledge aja, run/stop service. Tau macam mana nak integrate openssl )
- PHP dan HTML ( PHP scripting pakai tangan, bukan cilok script, HTML untuk basic operation macam table..dah itu aja )
- Wireless router ( yang nih wajib tau. Macam mana nak bagi DHCP,offkan DHCP,tau nak flash )
- Captive Portal ( kalau tak tau apa fungsi captive portal, pi baca kat wikipedia )

Bahasa yang digunakan mungkin Bahasa melayu + english. Jadi tunggulah time bila saya ada masa. Skrg tengah busy nak fahamkan API drupal ( http://www.drupal.org )

Kalau nak cara Hotspot paling mudah, guna PFSENSE. tutorial dalam BM ada di sini

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